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A new issue of the journal Environmental Impact Assessment Review has come out dealing entirely with HIA. The articles are based on a number of presentations given at the UK & Ireland HIA conference last year(link to conference presentations, covered in Issue 12 of the HIA E-News).

I have online access to the journal so if you're interested in any of the articles please email me. The issue's contents are: (more)

HIA — Growth and prospects
John Kemm

HIA, the next step: Defining models and roles
Kim Putters

Health impact assessment in multinationals: A case study of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group
Martin Birley

HIA and pollution prevention control: What they can learn from each other
Balsam Ahmad, Tanja Pless-Mulloli and Catherine Vizard

Can health feasibly be considered as part of the planning process in Scotland?

Martin Higgins, Margaret Douglas and Jill Muirie

Canadian insights: The challenges of an integrated environmental assessment framework
Karen McCaig

Making effective links to decision-making: Key challenges for health impact assessment
Eva Elliott and Sarah Francis

Evaluating the impact of HIA on urban reconstruction decision-making. Who manages whose risks?
Marleen P.M. Bekker, Kim Putters and Tom E.D. van der Grinten

Equity-focused health impact assessment: A tool to assist policy makers in addressing health inequalities
Sarah Simpson, Mary Mahoney, Elizabeth Harris, Rosemary Aldrich and Jenny Stewart-Williams

A prospective health impact review of the redevelopment of Central Manchester Hospitals
Neil Bendel and Vicci Owen-Smith

Developing a framework to assess costs and benefits of Health Impact Assessment
Phillip Atkinson and Anthea Cooke

The future challenges for HIA
John Kemm


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