HIA changes in Switzerland

On the 4th July 2007, an agreement was signed between the Department of Economy and Health of the Republic & Canton of Geneva (DES) and the University of Geneva (UNIGE).

This agreement stipulates that the
Health Impact Assessment (HIA) unit of the Directorate of Public Health (DES) is assigned for 3 years to UNIGE, with the possibility of a final transfer at the end of this period. In addition to its main mission (Assistance to the Geneva government in carrying out whichever HIA that it has decided to undertake according to the Health Law), the HIA unit is in charge, among other things, of the development of research and training on HIA, contributing in this manner to turn UNIGE into a Competence Centre in the area of Environmental Health.

The unit is under the hierarchical responsibility of the Director of the new Institute of Environmental Sciences (ISE). The assignment will become effective on 1st September 2007, at the same time ISE becomes operational.

The key HIA contacts are Jean Simos and Nicola Cantoreggi.

They can both be reached at: ueis@unige.ch or nicola.cantoreggi@unige.ch

Information courtesy of a personal email from Jean and Nicola.


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