Health Impact Assessment in Urban Settings - Special Issue of NSW Public Health Bulletin

A new issue of the New South Wales Public Health Bulletin is now available. The issue focuses on HIA in urban settings and describes the contribution HIA can make to sustainable urban growth by establishing health as a core outcome. The issue has nineteen articles on urban planning and HIA, including nine HIA case studies.

Health Impact Assessment in Urban Settings (Special Issue)
Volume 18, Number 9-10, 2007

Health impact assessment in urban settings
Patrick J. Harris, Ben F. Harris-Roxas and Lynn Kemp

Influencing urban environments for health: NSW Health's response
Sarah V. Thackway, Andrew J. Milat and Elizabeth Develin

International perspective on health impact assessment in urban settings
Salim Vohra

Health impacts of urban development: key considerations
Anthony G. Capon

A planner's perspective on the health impacts of urban settings
Susan Thompson

Learning by doing: the value of case studies of health impact assessment
Ben F. Harris-Roxas and Patrick J. Harris

Bungendore health impact assessment: urban development in a rural setting
Andrew J. Gow and Lorraine G. Dubois

An equity-focussed social impact assessment of the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy
Venessa L. Wells, Karen E. Gillham, Milly Licata and Anne M. Kempton

Greater Granville Regeneration Strategy
Kay Tennant and Christine Newman

A health impact assessment of the Liverpool Hospital redevelopment
Michelle L. Maxwell

Rapid versus intermediate health impact assessment of foreshore development plans
Susan E. Furber, Erica Gray, Ben F. Harris-Roxas, Leonie M. Neville, Carolyn L. Dews and Sarah V. Thackway

Health and social impact assessment of the South East Queensland Regional Plan (2005–2026)
Kate J. Copeland and Andrea M. Young

Lessons in applying health impact assessment to regeneration schemes: the Victorian experience
Jessica McCormick

Greater Christchurch Draft Urban Development Strategy 2005
Anna Stevenson, Karen Banwell and Ramon Pink

Health impact assessments in London: assessing the London Mayoral strategies
Caron Bowen

An overview of the regulatory planning system in New South Wales: identifying points of intervention for health impact assessment and consideration of health impacts
Patrick J. Harris, Ben F. Harris-Roxas and Elizabeth Harris

Building health impact assessment capacity as a lever for healthy public policy in urban planning
Jenny L. Hughes and Lynn A. Kemp

Channelling Edwin Chadwick: beyond utopian thinking in urban planning policy and health
Stephen J. Corbett

Health impact assessment and urbanisation. Lessons from the NSW HIA Project
Patrick J. Harris, Ben F. Harris-Roxas, Elizabeth Harris and Lynn A. Kemp


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