A Review Package for Health Impact Assessment Reports of Development Projects

We are very pleased to tell you about a review package for HIA that we have just published.

The review package is intended to enable a commissioner or reviewer of an HIA report to reach an opinion as to the quality of the completed report in a simple, quick and systematic manner.

We have focused on developing a review package for HIA reports which are submitted as evidence associated with an application for development consent. We see the users of this review package as being commissioners of HIA both in the public and private sector and those who may be asked to review HIA reports.

Experience gained through using the review package will be essential to ensure that it covers all that it should, and that it continues to promote best practice in HIA. We are very interested to receive comments on this review package.

Please send comments to hiareview@bcahealth.co.uk

Ben Cave
Mette Winge Fredsgaard
Alan Bond

Download Review Package [PDF]


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