Owl Ice Cream Cake

This year for my daughters 13th birthday she requested an ice cream cake!  Since the theme for her party was Night Owl, I made an owl shaped cake!

The cake turned out great!
  Check this post out for what was my inspiration!

I had so much "fun" figuring out how to mold the shape of the owl.  
  1. I used my roasting pan.  I lined it with card from cereal boxes and a ton of wax paper.  
  2. I remembered to put a long strip of card underneath it all for easy removal from the pan.
  3. I then put a layer of butterscotch ice cream on the bottom.  And put the whole thing in the freezer to "harden" up a little.  
  4. Then using a piece of card wrapped in wax paper I made a wall to separate colors when I added chocolate ice cream for wings and ears, and vanilla for the rest!
  5. After returning to the freezer to "set" I carefully took it out of its "mold" to decorate.

Decorating was the fun part!
I used soft cookies for the eyes...but I really wanted to use dried pineapple slices!  Which I couldn't find anywhere!  
And the slivered almonds would of stood out more if I found some with the skins still on.  
I did try to make chocolate shavings to look like feathers for the wings...but It turned out to be more of chocolate saw dust.  
For the "nest" I used multigrain honey pretzel twists.  
The beak turned out so cute!  I wasn't sure on what I was going to use???  But I ended up using 2 pieces of a walnut!  I love how it turned out!

If you want to read more about the Night Owl Party click here!



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