Job Posting: Senior Officer, Health Impact Project

The Pew Health Group
The Pew Health Group seeks to improve the health and well-being of all Americans. Based on research and critical analysis, the program advocates policies that reduce unacceptable health risk, especially in the areas of consumer, food and prescription drug safety, toxics in products and antibiotic overuse in farms animal production.

The Health Impact Project
The Health Impact Project is a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and The Pew Charitable Trusts (PCT). The project, which is managed out of the Pew Health Group, is designed to promote the use of health impact assessments (HIAs) as a way to informed decisions on policies, programs and projects outside the health sector at the local, state, tribal and federal level. HIAs are used to identify the likely impacts of these decisions and help policy makers avoid unintended risks, reduce unnecessary costs and leverage opportunities to improve the health of their communities.

Position Overview
This position, based in Pew’s Washington, D.C. office, will report to the director of the Health Impact Project. The senior officer will be responsible for conducting and drafting health impact assessments of at least two federal-level decisions, and will conduct or oversee the activities of contractors in the conduct of several additional HIAs of decisions at the tribal, state or municipal level. The senior officer will be responsible for all aspects of the health impact assessment process, including: conducting the required research; identifying, vetting and assembling an appropriate team of consultants; engaging stakeholders; outreach to policy makers, including state and federal agencies; and other activities as the need arises. The senior officer will also work with the director and communications officer to synthesize data on the conduct and outcomes of HIA in order to build a compelling case for their use and to present these data to policy makers, private sector stakeholders and other audiences. The position is funded through December, 2013, with the possibility of renewal depending on the initiative’s progress and identification of sources of funding.

The senior officer will also help design and implement research and analysis efforts for the Health Impact Project, coordinate convenings, manage special projects and support other programmatic investments. The senior officer may also undertake special projects and/or new initiatives. 

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  • Under the direction of the director, conduct and draft two health impact assessments of federal-level policies selected by the Health Impact Project, engage stakeholders and decision-makers at each step of the HIA process, develop and carry out effective dissemination plans for the HIA findings and recommendations. 
  • Oversee all aspects of the report review and production process, in coordination with the communications officer, to ensure timely dissemination of HIA findings to decision-makers and other stakeholders.
  • Comply with all relevant laws and restrictions on the use of Pew funds for lobbying.
  • Identify, vet and select appropriate contractors to conduct HIAs or to address specific research questions germane to an HIA and manage all aspects of contractor activity.
  • Collect and analyze data regarding HIA outcomes in order to build a compelling case for their use in sectors and decisions where HIAs appear likely to add value. Present the results of this research to policy makers in agencies, legislatures and Congressional staff offices, as well as media, potential allies and others in order to build awareness of the field.
  • Oversee and contribute to other research needs that may arise in the course of the activities of the Health Impact Project.
  • Assist program staff in processing contracts and sub grants for the Health Impact Project. Help ensure that contracts and sub grants to be submitted to the managing director and president are complete, accurate and timely. 
  • Work with the project manager to facilitate and coordinate administrative aspects of the Health Impact Project, such as budgets, shared files, staff meetings and project public forums and convenings. 
  • Contribute to content for newsletters, mailings and other communications vehicles designed to ensure that internal and external audiences are kept apprised of project updates.
  • Contribute to and participate in tasks of the project and PHG as assigned, as well as broader Pew-wide projects and/or committees as needed 

  • A masters degree in public health or a related field. An advanced degree in medicine or science (an MD or Ph.D.) is preferred. 
  • A minimum of ten years of relevant professional experience, including outstanding research, analytical and writing skills; experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams and synthesizing reports based on research from several disciplines. Health impact assessment experience is preferred but not required. Experience in another relevant field such as regulatory impact assessment or cost-benefit analysis may suffice. 
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills including:
  • Experience synthesizing and summarizing large amounts of information, focusing quickly on the essence of an issue, as well as identifying, understanding and proposing solutions that address different policy perspectives. 
  • Experience working with academics, nonprofits and other entities conducting research and policy analysis, helping ensure the results are rigorous, policy relevant and timely and are communicated clearly and persuasively to target audiences. 
  • Strong systems skills including Microsoft office products required; database and online research applications preferred. 
  • Ability to work professionally and collegially within a creative, fast-paced corporate culture that emphasizes excellence and teamwork. 
  • Demonstrated time- and project-management skills, including development and timely completion of work plans for complex, long-term projects; and maintaining a high level of organization. Ability to set priorities and identify resources. 
  • Ability to work independently with limited supervision. Flexible and able to routinely juggle multiple competing priorities and work in teams of both support and senior staff to meet project goals.
  • Experience engaging stakeholders—including policy makers, community members and policy makers - in scientific and policy contexts.
  • Operating effectively within diverse political and policy environments and addressing conflicting policy perspectives in a way that maximizes programmatic objectives. Writing clear and cogent materials that effectively translate scientific information and policy issues for policy makers, community members, the media and other audiences.



It is anticipated that the individual in this position will travel within the U.S.

Pew offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package including four weeks of vacation annually, a generous 401(k) plan and flexible benefit options.

Source: Aaron Wernham, via LinkedIn


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