New on the HIA Gateway

IIA for region-wide service re-design of trauma services 

HIA on policies reducing vehicle miles travelled 

Health and Equalities Scoping Paper 

HIA on transportation policies in the Climate Change Action Plan: Eugene 

HIA of Development Projects with Reference to Mosquito-borne Diseases 

HIA of Children's Congenital Heart Surgery Services in England 

Acute Service Re-configuration: H Equality IA 

HIA of California Assembly Bill (Domestic Work Employee Equality) 

HIA & Evaluation: Clark County Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan 

Guide to town planning for NHS staff 

Guide to the NHS for local planning authorities 

Spatial Planning for Health: guide (TCPA, Hyde Group) 

Qualitative evaluation of London Mayoral HIAs 

Criteria for use in the evaluation of HIAs 

HIA in New Zealand. Experience at a Policy Level 

Failures in the health impact assessment process 

Evaluating HIAs in New Zealand 

Evaluation of Clark County Active Travel Masterplan HIA: US 

Theory Issues:
HIA in Development Policy & Planning (WHO) 

Achieving Healthy Urban Planning: A comparison of three methods 

Training Courses:
Built Environment and Public Health online curriculum. 

The Role of HIA in Promoting Healthy Urban Development, 12th June, Sydney & Webinar 

EcoHealth 2012, 15th-18th October, China 

Bristol Food Conference, 11 June Bristol 

The Role of Elected Members in securing High Quality Design & Sustainable Development, 20th June, Lichfield 

Festival of Public Health, 2nd July, Manchester 

Meeting to explore the effectiveness of HIA in Australia & NZ, 15th June, Sydney 

HIA 2012: 4th Asia-Pacific HIA Conference, October 9th-11th, 2012, Seoul. 


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