Plenary 1: Q&A

Q: It would be great if at Helsinki 2013 that the representatives of Ministries of Health who are invited that they should bring along someone from another Ministry?

A: We are looking at this.


Q: There are many different types of HIA? Did not hear much about data or is it just about being a process for engagement?

A: Data is important in HIA and lack of data is a big challenge in many HIAs especially looking at impacts on us populations where baseline data for these groups is not available. This is why community engagement is such an important step.

A: one of the lessons we learnt is who defines the evidence and whose data is it, we found that while it might be robust and credible for health e had to go through a lengthy process of what was meaningful for oh departments/sectors. The other thing we are looking at rolling out is to make sure that the planning function and the data used is not just health data, we have to look at other data sets and sources on determinants used by other agencies. Not an easy of straightforward issue.


Q: from what I've understood is that approaches need a flexibility and freedom where Heath does not necessarily get the credit back, how do we create that latitude and economy?

A: it is a challenge, we took the view that we wanted to engage with other sectors and we tried to make sure that our mandate was constantly renewed and reviewed and recommitting the legitimacy. Not relying on a single politician, legislation or agency.


Key messages:


  • How to create accountability for all sectors
  • Shared values on health across society
  • Continuing dialogue

  • Health tries to bring others sectors into the health agenda rate than Health supporting other sectors. We have to go onto their territory to help them achieve their goals.


  • Mutual respectful relationships and mechanisms to nurture those relationships between agencies
  • ...
  • Public and policymakers understanding of the bidirectional interplay between health and all ther other societal goals




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