Bee Funny!

Yesterday I was quite busy and my 10 year old son asked if he could have some watermelon.  I kept putting him off with "just in a minute", "soon", and "maybe later" 's.  He really, really  wanted some and asked me if he could just cut himself a piece.  So I said ok.  
*On a side note.  Andrew's been helping me in the kitchen since he was a toddler and knows how to use sharp knives safely.  So I do trust him in the kitchen.  

When I went to go check on him...I noticed half the watermelon gone.  But no Andrew was to be seen!  I took a look outside and this is what I saw!

I guess he really wanted watermelon!  Nice thick juicy slices!  Cut like a boy would like them :)  He did share, but I bet he would of ate the whole platterfull if I didn't find him!

I Love you Andrew!  xoxoxoxo


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