Go For A Walk In The Snow!

Today's Health Tip!

Go for a walk in the snow - Exercise improves sleep!  Studies from the University of Arizona show that women who even walked short distances at a normal pace during the day found their sleep significantly improved. Exercise reduces the time it takes to get to sleep by 12 minutes, and it increases total sleep time by 42 minutes.

Getting enough sleep has so many benefits!  To list a few...
Sleep Keeps Your Heart Healthy,  Sleep Reduces Stress, Sleep Reduces Inflammation, Sleep Makes You More Alert, Sleep Bolsters Your Memory, Sleep Helps You Lose Weight, Naps are known to make you smarter, and Sleep Helps the Body Make Repairs!

Wow!  Who is with me today!  Lets all go for a walk in the snow! Make a snowman or just have fun with the kids!


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