Watch My Weight Wednesday!

The holidays are here!  The cold weather has arrived.  And I just want to hibernate!   So I can't tell you how happy I am that I have a treadmill in my home!  It is so easy to turn it on and start going!  Between the treadmill and RevAbs I have lost 5lbs!  So that is a huge motivator for me to stay away from holiday treats!  I am trying to work out 5 days a week.  I still find it hard to do workouts on the weekend.  I am so pleased with my results so far, I can feel the difference on how my clothes fit!

So my question to you is...
What do you do to keep motivated during the holidays?  
Do you have a plan?

I have changed WMWW into a monthly link up party!  Now you can link up as many times as you like through out the month!  I will still post on Wednesdays.  You still can post  all your recipes, tips, and your weight loss stories! 


This is a blog hop!   Add your old or new post below with Linky! I can't wait to see all the helpful tips/recipes/stories you have!
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