Beef Soup

Today I have Andrew at home with a bit of a mild cold.  We never did get the ingredients for the Waldorf salad he was hoping to make yesterday.  He was to tired to go to the store yesterday.  So that will have to wait till he is feeling better. 

Leftovers never get wasted in our house.  I always cook extra's just to have leftovers available for new meals.  Last night we had yummy leftover roast beef soup!  So easy to make, and didn't have to go to the store for any special ingredients!  With this recipe you can add what ever you have in your fridge, my soup is never the same one twice.  And the best bonus of making your own soup is no MSG, BPA, and you can control how much salt to put in.  I don't use any salt.  And remember to freeze soup leftovers for handy lunches.  I find that I have to freeze leftovers right away if I don't want them to be forgotten in the fridge before they expire.  Remember do not freeze meat twice.

Beef Soup

Leftover roast beef cut into chunks
Any left over gravy
Beef broth/water
carrots, onion, peppers, potato, celery, mushrooms, any veggies you happen to have in the fridge!
Favorite spices I used Mrs Dash herb and garlic.

Chop ingredients cook them up while adding as much liquid as you need. boil till cooked!  Not to long to make veggies to squishy.  Enjoy!


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