New HIA Gateway Resources

Below are listed all the resources added to the HIA Gateway over the last month.

HIA of an urban regeneration plan: Bilbao

Health in SEA: Draft Scoping Report of Newport City Council Local Development Plan (LDP)

Health in SEA: Sustainability Appraisal of the Test Valley Core Strategy

Social Impact Assessment: Principles (IAIA)

Strategic Environmental Assessment: Performance Criteria (IAIA)

Public Participation: Best Practice Principles (IAIA)

Community Engagement to Improve Health (NICE)

Liveable Neighbourhoods: a Western Australian Government Sustainable Cities Initiative

IPPC: Guide for PCTs and Local Health Boards, Vol.2 (HPA)

A Simple Guide to Choosing an HIA Tool

Future Health: Sustainable Places for Health and Wellbeing (Summary)(CABE)

Promoting Mental Wellbeing at work: Guide for Employers (NICE)

Parameters of the New Urbanism: DSS (MU Canada)

Health Effects of Resource Development Projects (oil, gas, mining) & Tool (HEAT)

Valuing Health: a business case for health improvement

Urban Environment Site Assessment Audit (NSW CPAH)

Health Effects of Resource Development Projects (oil, gas, mining) & Tool (HEAT)

Theory Issues:
10th International HIA Conference: Rotterdam 2009

Competency Framework for HIA

Policy Documents:
Healthy People, Healthy Places - LAAs and Health (IDeA)

New Horizons: A shared vision for Mental Health

The 11th International HIA Conference: Spain 2011

HIA Conference Geneva, 7th April 2010

The HIA Bibliography is updated every 3 months (last update 21/1/2010).

The next update is due on: 21st April 2010.


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