This past weekend I have been acting as hostess to a couple from Germany.  We met this couple while vacationing in Nova Scotia this summer, and they decided to stop by for a visit as they are traveling for a year through the continent.  I was worried at first to what to serve people from Germany.  But was very happy to realize they eat the same as my family (as healthy as possible)!   On Saturday we decided to have a nice curry.  While we were shopping for ingredients my new German friend was very excited to find Pappadums at my grocery store!  Now I have never had a pappadum, I usually don't give boxed foods a second look.  But I said sure that I would try them, when I found out they are made from lentils!

They are so yummy!  And so much fun to watch cook!  They are described as lentil crackers.  We found out not to go by the instructions on the box.   We tried the pan fry method and it did not work.  So the microwave had to do.  What you do is, throw one Pappadum in the microwave for 45 seconds and voila! it is done!  We did not add oil as suggested.

See pictures!
Who would of thought I would learn about Indian food from Germans?  The Pappadums are a bit spicy and salty...but makes a very yummy (not so bad for you) treat!  I wonder if I can find a recipe to make my own?


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