Watch My Weight Wednesday! I'm Back!

Welcome back to WMWW! I have been away the last 2 weeks on a Nova Scotia road trip with the family. I was really hoping to find internet while I was away to get some posts up...but that just didn't happen.  I apologize for being MIA.

My goal was not to eat at any fastfood places while being away. We were camping so it was pretty easy to stay away from fastfood. But we did find that some provinces don't make it easy for travelers to find a place to picnic.  This at a busy New Brunswick rest stop.  The kids had lots of fun running in the field around the big sign.  There were no picnic tables to be found so we made do!

On a side note Quebec had awesome rest stops!  Clean Washrooms, picnic tables, and lots of green park space for the children to run about!

My weight did go up a little due to vacationing.  We did eat pizza twice during our 2 week vacation.  But all the rest was food from the grocery store.

Getting back to normal has taken a few days but I am positive that I will lose the extra weight fairly quickly.

What have you all been up too?

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