Wellesley Institute: some useful links on Health Equity Impact Assessment

Wellesley Institute HIA page

The Wellesley Institute in Canada has some interesting stuff on Health Equity Impact Assessment.

I'm not sure about the use of the term Health Equity Impact Assessment - I much prefer plain old Health Impact Assessment - but I can't argue with the interesting work that they are doing both HIA and Non-HIA related.

The items that caught my eye were:
  • Building Equity Into Health Impact Assessment
    The American-based Prevention Institute made a presentation to recent National Research Council deliberations on HIA. They argued that HIA aligns well with primary prevention or upstream action on the roots of ill health and health disparities, and with healthy community planning approaches to addressing the underlying determinants of health…
  • Using Health Equity Impact Assessment Creatively: Local Mental Health Strategy
    To drive health equity into practice we need to be able to identify the specific needs of health disadvantaged populations, key access barriers, and gaps in available services for these communities. Health Equity Impact Assessment is an effective planning tool that is increasingly being used within LHINs and in many other jurisdictions to build equity into service provision. I recently presented a workshop to the Mental Health and Addictions Decision Support Working Group of the Toronto Central LHIN on how HEIA could be applied to developing quality improvement plans and indicators…
  • Implementing Health Equity Impact Assessment
    I recently spoke to the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group of the Central LHIN on the Health Equity Impact Assessment pilot project undertaken by The Wellesley Institute, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Toronto Central LHIN. Central has done some tremendous work integrating equity into their new strategic plan (Integrated Health Service Plan-2) and ongoing service planning...
  • Engaging the Community in HIA
    The Wellesley Institute promotes community engagement in various areas, as it is essential for effective reform of public policy. It is crucial that community engagement reflect the diversity of the population, including marginalized groups. HIA could benefit enormously from a community engagement component since the purpose of HIA is to consider how policies and programs impact the health of the community...
  • Developing HEIA in Ontario
    The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Toronto Central LHIN developed a Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) tool designed to assist LHINs and health service providers in service planning...


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