Watch My Weight Wednesdays!

Looking for recipes, tips, and your weight loss stories!    If you read My Story you will see my before and after pics of my weight loss journey.  Hoping to find some inspiration and helpful tips from you all!

Lets help each other achieve our weight loss goals!

My Goals this week..

  1. Go to the gym 3 times...Same as last weeks goal which wasn't met...but this is a new week now!
  2. Drink more water!  For some reason I just forget to drink it?  Some days if I remember, I keep a running tally of how many glasses I consume...must do that this week!       
  3. Watch my portion sizes...even if it is so yummy and I really want more!  That is a hard one!

This Wednesday I will tell you what helped give me a great start on my original weight loss journey.

I took out all salt and sugar from my diet.  I replaced the salt with herbs(chili powder is my fave flavoring), and sugar with stevia.

So that included juice and soda out of my diet.  I will admit that I started drinking diet soda to replace my soda cravings...but now I really regret doing so as the "fake sugars" are so bad for your body!  Now they have soda with stevia as the sweetener...I have never tried it, cause now I have no want for soda pop.

I also added more protein...I like I ate a lot of cottage cheese and eggs!

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