Stylish Blogger Award!

Julie from The going to be a new me... awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award!  Ohhh!  I am not sure how stylish I am?  I kind of think my blog is plain?  I have tried adding new backgrounds and such, but I always delete them.  So maybe plain is in style now???  HA!

Thank you so much Julie!  Julie's blog is about her journey as a busy mom getting healthier too!  Go give her a visit and tell her Angie sent you!

The criteria in accepting this, is to list 5 random things about yourself and pass this award onto 5 other bloggers!

So here is my 5 Random Things

1. I love to go outside and watch the rain on my covered front porch.  Not sure why but I enjoy it.

2. I love surprising my kids with adventures!  I always keep going to fun places a secret till the very last minute.  Just so I can surprise them.

3. I drive a purple convertible.  A VW Cabriolet!  My 3rd purple car.

4. I love making new bloggy friends and receiving fun awards!  Thank you!

5. Oh one more!?  I have eaten green eggs and ham(bacon) it not healthy.  My dad makes them for the kids when we visit.  My dad loves Dr Suess!

The 5 blogs I am giving this award to are ...

1. Ally at Sweet and Savory
A great foodie blogger with oh so yummy recipes!!!!

You really need to go visit Leslie and see her new  Foyer, Music Room, and Dining Room  Now that deserves a stylish award!!!

3. Lish at A Beautiful Mess.
A real stylish mom with a very lovely blog!

4. Nicole at Going Green in 2010 
Making a green choice everyday! Go see what she has changed so far!

5. Rhonda at motivation momadrama
This is for Jackson now he is one stylin guy!  Go check out his moms blog, to find some motivation to help live a healthy life style!

Well that is my 5!  I am so glad it was only 5!  7,12, is just to much award makers!

Hope you all, are having a lovely Tuesday!


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