Watch My Weight Wednesday!

It is that time again!  The one day I need to reflect on my past week, and take note of my weight loss goals and achievements!  And this week I am a bit up.  I am doing such a lousy job on my weight loss journey.  Up and down, then up again.  It was so easy the first time!  Why is it so hard this time? Well no matter...It is a new week, and with new goals...or I should say old goals that I just need to keep.

#1  Drink more water!  Need to flush the system.  I am going to keep a check list on the fridge to help monitor how much I drink.

#2  Go to the gym, I have been slacking...Need to get up and just go!  I know I will feel so much better for it!

#3  Measure my food portions.  This is a must for carbs...I think they are the culprits of my weight gain!  I am just a little bit addicted to fresh bread.

#4  Find time to sit and read the books I borrowed from the library.  They are about metabolisms and metabolic typing.  I think I have been fearing them as I am sure they will tell me to stay away from bread...but how will I know if I don't read them.

Check out this thread on Blog Frog!  I need to be more like Carrie!

By the way I have a community on Blog Frog come visit me to chat!

How are you all doing this week?


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