Watch My Weight Wednesday! Meet Tim!

Welcome to Watch My Weight Wednesdays!  I am very pleased to introduce today's guest blogger Tim from Everyday Living.  I was so happy to hear he wanted to share his story with us!  Thanks Tim!

I would like to thank Angie for asking me to be a contributor to your site. I consider it a great honor to be allowed to come here and share my story as to how and why I began my weight loss journey. Thinking back to almost three years ago (music starts to play and swirling clouds begin to form)...

I have to admit that for the past several years, I have not given my weight a great deal of thought. I felt that if my clothes fit, than I was doing okay. The only problem was my wardrobe consisted of sweatpants and sweatshirts; not very conducive to gauging how much weight you are carrying. So, I continued fostering my aversion to exercise, all the while eating a pint or more of ice cream each night and devouring whole pizzas in a single sitting (imagine Garfield shoveling down the lasagna and you can get a good idea of what it looked like). This continued for several years until one day, as I walked in front of a glass door, I noticed my reflection and was horrified with what I saw.

I could not believe what I was seeing reflected back at me. It was a stranger; it couldn't be me. I actually remember looking around to see who else was there, but no one was...I was appalled by what I saw. So, right then and there, I decided I HAD to lose weight. When I got home, I went on the Internet and started looking for exercise equipment. I wanted to get something that was not too expensive, but would also last more than 6 weeks before breaking down. After several days of searching, I discovered the Total Gym and ordered it.

A few weeks went by and on the day my Total Gym was to arrive, I had my yearly checkup. Along with the usual tests and because of my enormous size, the doctor also wanted to test for diabetes. The next day he called and told me that, "you are on the cusp of type II diabetes" (yes, those were his exact words). Although I had already decided to lose the weight and my gym had already arrived, this just sealed the deal. So, on 6 August 2007, I began my journey...

  • Beginning weight on 6 August 2007: 296 pounds (as confirmed by my doctor)
  • Beginning hip measurement:48 inches
  • Beginning waist measurement: 56 inches
    • Weight on 27 July 2008: 232 lbs.
    • Hip measurement: 39 inches
    • Waist measurement: 44 inches
      • Weight on 20 June 2010: 204 lbs.
      • Hip Measurement: 38 inches
      • Waist measurement: 41 ½ inches
      • Total weight loss: 92 lbs. of fat
Now, I bet your wondering why I said…”of fat.” Well, the reason being is that I have gained, using a conservative number, roughly 25 pounds of muscle. This is something that you might want to take into consideration when you mount the Dreaded Scale of Doom, because as you exercise, you will not only be burning fat, but gaining muscle. Just try and remember that as you begin your journey, you are NOT alone. There are thousands of us out there fighting the same battle and together, we can win.

A little about me: I'm Tim, more commonly known as Tahtimbo, and I'm the author of Everyday Living, which you can visit by clicking the handsome cat seen below. In addition to chronicling my weight loss journey, I also write on a number of different topics, a few of which are: building a retaining wall, frugal living tips, recipes, blogging tips, and my weekly Friday Fotos. As you can see, I find it difficult to concentrate on just one topic...look, a squirrel! Please feel free to drop by sometime and visit.

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