Health and safety issues in environmental and social IA - Session I Presentation 2

Environmental health surveillance system: case study of gold mining in Phichit, Thailand

Gold mining operating for over 10 years and people have suspected health effects from the mining site - particularly skin rashes in children and dust and noise nuisance.

44 residents filed a law suit and court ordered company to conduct an Environmental Health Impact Assessment.

Used the standard HIA process and considered land use and need for buffer zone.

The EH surveillance program involved the local community and had an environmental component and biological component.

But challenges in measuring environmental exposures and biological endpoints e.g. symptoms and signs of disease, diagnostic test, quality assurance of measurements, etc.

Needs a lot of financial resources.

Needs a network of mining company, public health officer, local university, community and regional and national agencies. All stakeholders sat together to develop and implement the program.









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