Human RIghts IA and Extractive Industries - Session I, Presentation 2

Should we take the 'Impact' out of HRIA

Fundamental change for business in tms of how they use people.

What does it mean if we take impact


What did Profesor Ruggie say:

Is a critical component of human rights due to due diligence,....


One of the major insights business people gain in becoming aware of their rights not just generating impacts on them. This can equalise power, can provide a way of influencing decisions.


Accessing HR Impacts:

  • Human Rights Context - people centric, factors, history
  • Relevance of specific rights - context, prioritise
  • Effectiveness of management - systems, performance, perceptions
  • Education cutting across all three of the above.

What is social context within which the project sits and what aspects could lead to human rights abuses.

History of the project for existing projects by looking at previous SIAs can identify themes that continue to be seen as significant e.g water.

Use the context review to prioritise issues - what are the key areas that are most valuable to focus on.

HRIA can be very expensive so prioritisation can help to make it cost-effective.

Review of organisational culture and systems - parent and project

Education is important to make project teams aware.

Closing questions:

To what extent are hybrid approaches valuable?

Where does it sit in relation to traditional IA methodologies?

How do we realise the full potential HR offers for change?



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