Partnerships in IA - Session II, Presentation 2

Good partnerships and practices: case study of Ogoniland

Fresh opportunity for reconciliation in relation to issues raised in the past with Shell operations it he area.

Partnership is beyond stakeholder engagement and consultation. Need pooled resources and risk. Mutual benefit and risk.

Ogoniland is in the Niger Delta, most dense area of NIgeria and Agrica, why thee are tensions about land and the environmental degradation of land.

All the wells have been capped to prevent theft and spills. Oil found in 1957, there was an oil war 'Biafra War', 140,000bpd. Ogoni Bill of Rights developed in the 1990s to deal with the grievances, spills, fires and acid rain. Wanted control oil resources and self determination, threats made to production and wanted billions in reparations. Shell withdrew and military moved in and later the hanging of Ken Saro Wiwo and eight others. This created international protest leading to imposition o finternational sanctions. This led to growth in insurgent activity by other tribal groups. Ogoni have taken action through national an finternational courts leading to compensation from Shell almost half a billion to date.

Old installations including pipelines which need to be replaced but have not been.

Tough context in which to develop partnerships with an autocratic, military government where minority groups are marginalised, cycles of conflict, ...


Any future partners would need to involve Government, communities, donors and companies international and national. Divgent interests, competition for influence, lack of leadership and coordination.

Led to improvements in company practice and corporate social responsibility

  • Educational scholarships
  • Build health centres and cottage hospital
  • Agricultural demonstration farm
  • Apprenticeship schemes
  • New integrated health, social guidelines in environmental guidelines
  • ...
  • Community Trusts have been created which manage and commission community projects.

Best future opportunity is around agricultural and fisheries opportunities, including foreign investment from India, Israel, Netherlands and Shell as well.

But, the theft of oil has been increasing at a very great pace, 150,000 bpd are stolen (8%) and this is refined and sold with collusion of politicians and the military.

Number of attempts to reconcile the situation.

UNEP Environmentbal Assessment has been positively received by everyone.

Ogoni have added that a third party organisation monitor and support the improvement of the area.

The most meaningful partnership is economic. 10% equity share, etc...


  • Community and advocates divided at the money
  • Government only now receiving UNEP EA report
  • Industry needs to be involved

Partnership exploration, building and maintenance are key.


Niget Delta publication at Woodrow Wilson Center.



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