Partnerships in IA - Session II, Presentation 1

Social Specialists a Necessity, Not a Luxury

TCTA builds dams and pipelines.
Traditional model of how EIA and SIA within a project. Social representation seems to fade in the implementation phase.

  • Feasibility - EIA and SIA
  • Construction - SHEQ management
  • Operation - operation and maintenance agent

TCTA introduces social team at pre feasibility and feasibility phase; have environmental and social team leaders with environmental and social monitoring during construction; operation has just technical personnel.

Case study: Water supply for Matimba and Medupi power stations; coal mine and Lephale town.


Social impacts

  • Acquisition of land rights
  • Disruption of traversing patterns of people and game
  • Nuisance factors
  • Impacts on physical infrastructure (not a lot by trying to go around them)
  • Economic impacts - resigning as farm workers to become temporary construction workers
  • Sense of place - beautiful and quite natural environment

Acquisition of land rights

  • Two independent certified land valuers
  • Legal due diligence
  • ...

Develop a social risk map, risky properties marked out for engineers.


Social impact management tools:

  • Phasing in operational staff during EIA phase
  • management of social aspects included in contract specifications and management of the contract
  • Involve social specialists at pre construction geotechnical investigations
  • Asset and infrastructure baseline
  • Pre construction survey
  • Communication register
  • Integrated incident register - one only and everything tracked in that
  • Ongoing relationship management - permanent social monitor on site

  • Baseline photos taken that are u see later when problems emerge.
  • There is social incident monitoring to see what new issues are emerging or which types o fincidents are increasing.
  • There is also incident follow up
  • Social monitor reports directly to the Chief Engineer
  • Shorten response periods
  • Have a real person as a first port of enquiry





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