HIA Round-Up May 2010

The HIA Round-Up is an activity of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education Global Working Group on Health Impact Assessment, produced by the Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation at UNSW.

Health Impact Assessment
  • International recognition for HIA at UNSW http://j.mp/d5msgN
  • Marco Martuzzi from WHO Europe on the importance of using the right metrics when communicating HIA results [YouTube Video] http://j.mp/c1kplO
  • Job: HIA Consultant for RPS, Brighton UK http://j.mp/9vxRLg
  • Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment and Management [IFC & IBLF] http://j.mp/bKYAWY
  • New HIA Gateway Resources - April 2010 http://j.mp/bkp8D3
  • Four Stories from the Field: The Increasing Momentum of Health Impact Assessment Methods and Approaches in New Zealand http://bit.ly/bxAatR
  • Healthy Places, Strong Foundations [Belfast Healthy Cities Report] http://j.mp/crHe6t
  • Working on a health impact assessment in the U.S.? Share what you are learning via the Health Impact Project http://j.mp/bbquKC
  • Conference Paper: Health Impacts of the Transport Transition [Birley HIA] http://j.mp/9TetT1
  • Thailand’s New Rules & Procedures for the Health Impact Assessment of Public Policies [HIA Blog] http://j.mp/aYbUPX
  • Framework to Understand How Health Can Contribute to Impact Assessment of Extractive Industry Projects [CHETRE Poster] http://j.mp/aFdXwQ
  • The Role of Conceptual Learning in Health Impact Assessment [CHETRE Slides] http://j.mp/djl5rg
  • Methodology for Integrated Environmental and Health Impact Assessment - A focus on Latin America and the Caribbean [UNEP] http://j.mp/cZTtep
  • Health impact assessment of the 2012 London Olympic transport plans http://j.mp/aBcAZw
Population Health and Primary Care
  • Health Equity and Prevention Primer [Prevention Institute]http://j.mp/b8mD39
  • The Canadian Facts: Free downloadable book on the social determinants of health in Canada [York University] http://j.mp/chqC1K
  • Adelaide Statement on Health in All Policies [Conference Statement] http://j.mp/arsRS0
  • “Why I've given up on the mainstream media”: Dennis Raphael [Croakey] http://j.mp/akFlSp
  • Aboriginal health group backs Australian tobacco reforms "Aboriginal people have just as much right to good health" [Croakey] http://j.mp/coafTx
  • The Grocery Gap: Who Has Access to Healthy Food and Why It Matters [Policy Link & The Food Trust PDF] http://j.mp/c80L6K
  • How urban planning can improve public health [Miller McCune] http://j.mp/d224RM
  • Promoting health equity in conflict-affected fragile states [Soc Sci & Med Jnl Article] http://j.mp/aGoTlH
  • Interview with former UN Rapporteur on the Right to Health [IUHPE] http://j.mp/9szUqt
  • Call for research proposals from civil society organizations: Advancing health equity through research and practice [WHO & PHM] http://j.mp/cY6dCe
  • London Health Inequalities Strategy [PDF] http://j.mp/cu2YKu
  • Text Messaging as a Tool for Behavior Change in Disease Prevention and Management [ICMCC Review] http://j.mp/auexEX
  • The Adelaide Health in All Policies Conference Presentations http://j.mp/d1s4Dg
  • Where is the US Commission on Health Equity? [Healthy Policies Blog] http://j.mp/dmmS5c
  • Health Diplomacy and the Enduring Relevance of Foreign Policy Interests [PLoS Medicine Open Access] http://j.mp/at96wf
  • Netherlands Health System: [European Observatory on Health Systems & Policies Report PDF] http://j.mp/bnwDrs
  • World Malaria Day: White House releases plan to combat malaria with goal to halve deaths [White House] http://j.mp/c8qUBg
  • Urban Health Matters: World Health Day 2010 [WHO Video] http://j.mp/aFKFNs
  • Issue of South Australian Public Health Bulletin on Environmental Toxicology [Open Access Issue PDF] http://j.mp/dfZhtC
  • Can preschool improve child health outcomes? A systematic review [Soc Sci & Med Article] http://j.mp/9vpWHS
  • South Australia's Health in All Policies Portal [SA Dept of Health] http://j.mp/9iIOCX
  • Ideas for eco-friendlier hospitals [Climate Progress] http://j.mp/agxmwY
  • Understanding Health Inequalities: Theories, concepts & evidence [slides by Prof Gareth Williams] http://j.mp/aXNdG5
  • Healthy Policy Making: Report of a UK Cross-Government Workshop held in Feb 2010 http://j.mp/9k07Bc
  • Effectiveness of health promotion and public health interventions: Lessons from Latin American Cases [CM] http://j.mp/dzG4ff
Other Items of Interest
  • Chevron Issues 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report [Health Impact Project] http://j.mp/bNmXK8
  • Indigenous Peoples Still Among Poorest in World, but Progress Reported in Some Countries [World Bank Discussion Paper] http://j.mp/cGnnyc
  • Evaluating the Relative Environmental Impact of Countries [PLoS ONE Open Access] http://j.mp/bF0NSi
  • John Sterman from MIT on why calls for a Manhattan Project on climate change is not a helpful analogy [YouTube Video] http://j.mp/bI7YNn
  • What are we dumping into the Gulf of Mexico to fix the oil spill? [Grist Blog] http://j.mp/aAOBtX
  • Deepwater offshore development remains a vital enterprise [Reuters Forum] http://j.mp/alNTLD
  • Wind energy's latest problem: It makes power too cheap? [The Oil Drum, comments are interesting] http://j.mp/b0aRBA
  • The dark side of cloud computing: soaring carbon emissions [The Guardian] http://j.mp/aRnOno
  • Australian Government’s Response to its Government 2.0 Taskforce [AGIMO Blog] http://j.mp/dchTlp
  • Europe's 'Urban Atlas' [European Environment Agency] http://j.mp/cEAeJe
  • Summary of evidence on the impact of climate change policies on employment [European Parliament] http://j.mp/cS8DTA
  • Growing Out of Crisis: The Crisis and the World's Poorest [Special Issue of Development Outreach] http://j.mp/dj3aCf
  • After 40 Years does Earth Day still matter? 20 environmental bloggers offer their opinions http://j.mp/akW8Mz
  • Empty skies provide a chance to reconsider the costs and benefits of air travel [NEF] http://j.mp/cKdeOT
  • 15,000 participate in World People's Conference on Climate Change & Rights of Mother Earth in Bolivia [SciDv Net] http://j.mp/bju5Rx
  • Climate Science: Dealing with the (Minor) Errors [Inside Story] http://j.mp/9Dyyb1
  • Strengthening Evidence-based Policy in the Australian Federation: Roundtable proceedings [Productivity Commission] http://bit.ly/d7oGsh
  • The pressures on peer review [Opinion piece in the Financial Times] http://bit.ly/aSzURf
  • Does open-access publishing increase future citations of a study? [Conservation Maven] http://j.mp/97hnNq
  • Biodiversity and Forest Ecosystems in Europe [European Environment Agency] http://j.mp/9gSvHb
  • For Good measure: Devolving accountability for performance and assessment to local areas [Eldis] http://j.mp/93cd7k
  • Building Cities: Neighbourhood Upgrading and Urban Quality of Life [Inter-American Development Bank PDF] http://j.mp/aMtc9U
  • European Parliament Report on Agriculture in Areas with Natural Handicaps: A Special Health Check [PDF] http://j.mp/aaCVr7
  • Knowledge to Policy: Making the Most of Development Research [Free Canadian Downloadable Book] http://j.mp/bkZ5cj
  • MIT Study: History, not just wealth access, causes inequality http://j.mp/9efN3V
  • A different take or urban planning: the military implication of 'feral cities' http://j.mp/9DZXXU
Older Links That are New to Us
  • Report: Applying health impact assessment to land transport planning [New Zealand Transport Agency] http://j.mp/9z9y8N
  • Reviewing the Quality of Environmental Statements: An EIA Review Package, developed in the UK in 1992 [University of Manchester] http://j.mp/aX4XSW
  • Looking for the right journal to publish in? This online tool might help http://j.mp/dwpCTj
Conferences and Events
  • Sustainability Assessment Symposium: Towards Strategic Assessment for Sustainability, Perth 25-26 May 2010 http://j.mp/cBGsA5
  • 20th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, Geneva Switzerland, 11-15 July 2010 http://j.mp/bj89dA
  • Design pour la santé - Design for Health, Montréal Canada, 1 October 2010 http://j.mp/dfCWYP
  • Double IAIA Symposia Climate Change & Impact Assessment Aalborg, Denmark 25-26 October 2010 http://j.mp/9HvtyJ
  • Washington DC USA, 15-16 November 2010 http://j.mp/b8fJxA
  • HIA2010 3rd IAIA Asia Pacific HIA Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, 17-19 November 2010 http://j.mp/cmbdiL
  • IAIA11 Impact Assessment and Responsible Development, Pueblo Mexico, 28 May-4 June 2011 http://j.mp/ckNq5J
  • CHETRE Two Day HIA Training Course, Sydney CBD Australia, 3-4 June 2010 http://j.mp/dbLL6d
  • Three Day HIA Training, Liverpool UK, 14-18 June 2010 http://j.mp/cD86FF
  • One day training course on HIA, Birmingham UK, 14 July 2010 http://j.mp/cS3n3x
  • Monash University Four Day HIA Training Course, Melbourne Australia, 27-30 July 2010 http://j.mp/9sJAr9
  • One-Day Course in Planning for Non-Planners, UWS Urban Research Centre, Sydney Australia, 28 June & 29 November 2010 http://j.mp/d6QDxs
  • Three Day HIA Training Course, Gregynog Wales, 5th-7th October 2010 http://j.mp/aMXJmk
  • International Association for Public Participation, training throughout Australia, more than 20 sessions throughout 2010 http://j.mp/a2VSuP
Different & Interesting
  • Water from Air: Fog catching in Peru [National Geographic] http://j.mp/dmNVBa
  • What would the amount of oil we use every second look like if it was a cascade of water? [Harryhammer’s Blog] http://j.mp/aDDGqj
  • Adam Smith wasn’t the free-market fundamentalist he is thought to have been - piece by Amartya Sen [New Statesman] http://j.mp/dA2l8b
  • Concept: A train that never stops - This could shave 2.5 hours off the travel time between Beijing & Guangzhou [YouTube Video, audio in Mandarin] http://j.mp/d9qO5N
  • Phylo: A free biodiversity trading card game for kids http://j.mp/chlBQu
En français
  • 10eme Colloque francophone des villes sante de l'OMS et des villes en sante, Montpellier 24-26 novembre 2010 http://j.mp/cZreRI
  • EIA de l’interdiction de la vente d’alcool aux mineurs [HIA of alcohol sale restrictions for minors - Switzerland] http://j.mp/aAdb2o
  • Guide d’introduction à l’Evaluation d’Impact sur la Santé en Suisse [Guide for HIA in Switzerland] http://j.mp/9ZF8ue
  • Sixième rapport de l’Observatoire national de la pauvreté et de l’exclusion sociale http://j.mp/cmxsTE

En español
  • Metodología para una evaluación integrada de medio ambiente y salud. Un enfoque en América Latina y el Caribe [UNEP PDF] http://j.mp/96SG6S
  • นโยบายสาธารณะกับการประเมิ นผลกระทบทางด้านสุขภาพ (Health Impact Assessment: HIA) http://j.mp/9nATk1


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