This is me. Angie.

My Before & After Pictures


I used to be over weight.  With a lot of pushing and shoving and stubbornness I finally took the first step to make me healthy again.  Loosing the weight was the first step.  It was hard but once I got used to became easier and the weight seemed to fall off!

So now the hard part.  How do I keep my weight healthy?  Due to vacations, holidays, weekends, and being a food lover this is very difficult for me. 
The first pic is what I look like today.  It was hard to post this pic, because this is the real me.  When it stands next to the two others I have very mixed emotions about it. 
And the "skinny" (middle)pic of me was taken on my Cuba vacation September 2009.  That Dress is a LeChateau size small!  I lost 75lbs!
My goal is to get back in this dress!
The last pic is of me in 2007.  

I hope you all come back on Wednesdays where I will give you all my updated goals and achievements!  And maybe join with me!
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